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Schools Opened 

Thanks to your help, we have been able to open two schools in Pakistan! One School in Balochistan educates about 150 children annually, and our second school in Kotri, Sindh is currently educating 70 children! Sign up to get regular updates about our projects!

to rural women in Pakistan

Grant's Given

We have been able to support 8 people in small rural villages in Pakistan by providing them grants up to $150 each. These grants help launch a small business enabling women to become financially  independent and strong!

to artisans in rural Pakistan

Currently Giving Jobs

We are proud to bring you handmade products made with love and care by rural women and men. These individuals who live in poverty are now able to help their families and save for a better future thanks to you! Sign up to get project updates.

Each cup of chai you purchase, helps us spread smiles!

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Story of Qadeer

Read how you helped us change this boy's life 

This little girl will one day become a global leader, thanks to all of you!

Story of Shaista

One of our producers is helping lift her whole family out of poverty!

Story of Chachi


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"This place is cool! Stumbled across it while looking for somewhere to do some studying on a Saturday night. Was kind of busy around 8:30pm but ordered a hot Butter Chai, kicked of my shoes and found a place to relax. My drink was delivered super quick and had to stop studying because I was too comfortable on the pillows and could’ve fell asleep".

~ Matt Parker

"Amazing! The chai is the most authentic I've had outside of India, the vibe is cozy and relaxing, great for large groups/families, but also a wonderful place to study. Best of all, half of the proceeds go to charity. Met one of the owners and he's so nice!" 

~ M Ramachandran

"What a spectacular , peaceful and therapeutic spot in the whole of NYC with the best authentic tasty Desi chai of many kinds to tease your taste buds and tingle your senses to get a taste of home ! I loved the ambiance, the vibrant colors and the Bollywood music. I loved how clean it was."

~ Nabiha Yusuf

"It’s very cozy, feels like you’re in someone’s well-decorated, festive living room. The butter chai is so good: creamy, sweet, a tiny bit savory (from the lightly salted butter) with pistachio crumbs. The traditional cardamom was really good too, less sweet and rich compared to butter chai. Cookies were good. Great all around spot." 

~ Jessie W


Fatima is from a small village in Sindh. She grew up knowing only one kind of life, where women are restricted and have no decision making power. But from the day she started earning, everything has changed for her.


Amina is from a small village in Sindh. She was married very young and her daughter was married young. Amina now works to help her granddaughters to be stronger.

Gul Bibi

Gul Bibi is from a small village in Balochistan. She has 11 children and many of them are daughters. She works hard to earn and send her daughters to school. 

You are helping us give jobs to them








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