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Paved the path for a remarkable journey

Khalida and her family believe in building bridges between their worlds and the western world where centuries of misunderstandings have created gaps leading to fear and at times hatred of each other. By creating a chain of Chai Spot cafes in USA, they are starting a new society of harmony and love.

Their impossible love story led them to discover a solution to eradicate fear as well as transform peoples' beliefs through something as simple as chai.

of Peace building through Chai

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The Chai Spot is a Social-enterprise dedicated to peace-building, and to socio-economic empowerment  of women and children in Pakistan.


50% of Our Profits 

support women and children in Pakistan!

We would not be doing this work if it did not benefit the communities that need us the most. Nearly 22 million children in Pakistan are out of school, and rural women are still fighting for their rights. We start and support projects that educate children, and we work towards socio-economic empowerment of women in Pakistan. 

70% of Our Products

are handmade by rural women and men

Pakistan is still one of those countries where most everything essential is handmade. Women sit for hours embroidering, sewing and singing, and men take pride in their handcrafted furniture and handicrafts. We strive to support these artisans while providing our guests a complete and authentic experience of Pakistan. 

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We Offer The Best Chai 

that transports our guests with each sip

We take great pride in giving our guests the best chai they have ever had. Each of our recipes is tried, tested, and loved, before bringing it to our guests. We keep our menu simple to provide the best experience possible. 

Some of our signature chai's 

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Traditional Cardamom Chai

Infused with a dash of aromatic green cardamom, brewed with black tea and organic milk. We often call this chai our love potion

Our vegan Coconut Rose Chai is the favorite of many. This black tea is brewed in coconut milk with cinnamon and sugar, garnished with nutmeg, and finished with rose water 

Coconut Rose


This is a Kashmiri-style chai with a delicious buttery texture, spices, and gorgeous deep pink color. With just a pinch of salt, this tea is the perfect marriage of sweet and savory!

Butter Chai

Watch us in the news!

"The Chai Spot, a traditional chai cafe with locations in New York and Arizona, donates 50% of its profits towards education and supporting women and girls in rural Pakistan. The business was founded and is run by Khalida Brohi and David Barron, a Pakistani-American couple."

                          ~ Global Citizen

"The Chai Spot is a café in New York City's 'Little Italy' neighborhood that serves a variety of Pakistani chai in a very colorful and cozy environment. It is also the spot that brought two people together as husband and wife, across two very different cultures and families."

                        ~ Voice of America 

"Sometimes a cup of chai is all you need to bring people together.

For Khalida Brohi and David Barron, that’s exactly how their life together started.

Barron is from an Italian-American family in Los Angeles. Brohi is from a small village in a tribal community in Balochistan, Pakistan, a place where she says love marriages are not something people hear about often."

                           ~ Good Morning America

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